About Rachel

When I started Miss’es Clean 16 years ago, I was driven to create jobs in my region, I always felt it was my calling and a way to contribute to a community I love and call home.

The two things that are most important to me are:

assisting clients with their cleaning requirements and;

doing so in an organic, chemical-free way.

The driving force behind Miss’es Clean is being able to provide opportunities for the families of those who work with me. I strive to be the highest paying “cleaning company” in the Niagara Region; I truly feel when my team is taken care of, they will take the same attitude with their work.  I switched from the “ME” to the “WE” business paradigm and I started to see results, my business was viable and inclusive of the goals ‘we’ all had. I found an upswing in the culture of my company and I also saw the financial rewards.

Times are not always easy and we all go through struggles, but I truly thrive when I see my entire organization is happy and engaged.  If I can encourage even just one woman to create their own wealth by starting a business and becoming their own boss, I know then that I have done my part.