Windows, Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Daily life can add up and be seen on your windows and in your upholstery and your carpets.  All of these are an important investment in your home or office.  Just as we need to ensure that our clothes are washed and maintained, we should also ensure that we maintain our windows, upholstery and carpets. This can be achieved by getting a professional cleaning at least annually. Not only will an annual cleaning help ensure that you get the life expectancy out of your furniture and carpets, but it will also help maintain a healthy indoor environment and assist in preventing new stains.

Canadian Service Industries

We are proud to partner with Canadian Service Industries to provide our clients with professional dry carpet and hard surface cleaning.

For more 23 years, Canadian Service Industries has provided thousands of home owners and businesses with services using biodegradable and non-toxic products so you, your family and your pets can be safe while keeping your environmental footprint to a minimum.




Services from Canadian Service Industries


Tile & Grout

Carpets & Area Rugs

Natural Stone

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitizing

Upholstery Services:

Leather Clean and Treat
Mattress Sanitation
Office Dividers
Office Chairs
Boats & RV’s
Auto Interiors

Features and Benefits:

Clean and Restore Original Colour
Change the Colour of your Grout
Minimal Downtime
Looks New Again
No More Discolouring
Protects your Grout
Spills simply wipe off
All Environmentally Safe Products
100% Satisfaction guaranteed, bonded and insured


Dry Within 15 Minutes
All Natural
Woolsafe Approved
USDA Biopreferred Certified
Warranty Approved By The Major Carpet Manufacturers
Safe for People, Pets and the Environment

Whether your stone renewal needs are for your floor, kitchen or bathroom countertops, Canadian Service Industries’ experience and proven treatment options will revitalize and renew all of your stone surfaces. This also includes granite, marble, slate, travertine and many others.

Mattress cleaning and mattress stain removal is one of the most important things you should be doing at least once per year and in some cases more frequently to reduce the level of unhealthy contaminants and provide a healthy sleeping environment.

Performance Property Services

For Window Cleaning we have partnered with Performance Property Services to provide you with the best Window Washing, Siding Cleaning, Eaves trough and Rain Gutter Clearing Services. cleaning-process-500x600

Performance Property Services’ 5 Step Process to Keeping your Property Beautiful

Step 1 - Debris Removal

Step 2 - Eavestrough Cleaning

Step 3 - Siding/Stucco Cleaning

Step 4 - Spider Spray

Step 5 - Window Cleaning

Keep your eavestroughs functional and in good order
Prevent flooding in your basement
Prevent flooding in your ceiling in the winter

Remove the stains from the eaves troughs with eavestrough whitening
Restore your eavestrough to its natural looking colour

Clean the siding of your home to remove dirt and grime
Complete hand wash using a soft bristled brushes, detergent, water, and muscle

Keep your windows and sides of your home free from spider webs
Three levels of protection
Keep your property looking clean

Window Cleaning Services:

Interior Windows
Exterior Windows
Remove dirt, water, and any leftover spider spray
Clean window tracks, sills and frames