Many people are choosing to clean with microfibre cloths, and Miss’es Clean is no different! With just water, these cloths pick up dirt and dust better than your conventional cleaning cloth. You can also say goodbye to dust particles that fly around while you are dusting. Microfibre for the win!


• Reduce cleaning time – these cloths pick up dirt and dust instead of moving it around like other cleaning cloths.
• Reduce the use of chemical cleaners – all you need is water! These cloths are also anti-bacterial.
• Multifunctional – microfiber cloths can be used to clean your bathroom, kitchen, floors, walls, windows, cars and so much more! We recommend having a different cloth for each area of the home.
• Save money – microfiber cloths reduces the need for chemical cleaners. They also last longer than your average cleaning cloth.
• Eliminate waste – you can reduce the use of paper towels by switching to microfiber cloths.
• Environmentally friendly and great for those who are chemically sensitive.

Where you can use your microfibre cloth:

• Kitchen – counter tops, cabinets, floors, stove tops and on appliances
• Bathroom – sink, toilet, shower walls, floors, mirrors
• Windows
• Car – interior and exterior
• Around the home – dusting, ceiling fans and light fixtures, walls and baseboards, etc.
• On your body – can be used as a body cloth, face cloth, or to remove makeup.

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