Confess Yourself!

SO I know it’s been a while on this blogging project.  I was WARNED by fellow bloggers to make sure I put out a blog post a week and to make double sure that I didn’t leave TOO much time between posts!!! Well this Miss’es Clean Queen is sure off to a good start here!

In summary it’s been a busy few weeks; let’s call it “blog material research”.  On the last post I mentioned my trip to Montreal and how my “first original blog post” was brewing like fine Italian wine.  I told you a lot about the trip, but not everything…..I have a big confession to make so here it goes…

I found myself at the kitchen table in Montreal talking to all the new family I had just met about what it is “I DO”.  I explained that I own a cleaning company that only uses 100% organic cleaning products to clean with, and that when I became pregnant I had to switch from my favourite chemical products to the unknown eco-friendly products on the market.  I played with several different brands and was becoming more frustrated with each new product that I tried, and failed just like the one before had.

So at the kitchen table the crowd couldn’t understand what I would use to clean with if I wasn’t using all of the popular chemical laden products on the market.  So this led the conversation to my journey and why I choose to not use or consume chemicals in as many ways as I can possibly control.  I found myself telling some white lies so this is where I am going to confess…

For the past several years, I have been cleaning up my lifestyle by trying to eat and live “clean”.  By living clean I mean, I have cut out most of the additives and chemicals in my life.  I have made several changes starting at the shampoo I use (I gave up shampoo for 8 months, but couldn’t live without my hairspray!!!).  I also changed out all the soaps and laundry detergent in my house to chemical free products.  I began eating more organic food and ethical meats.

So going shampoo free was a little too far, even for me… my hair felt like straw and I had a lot of breakage!  I then told this fascinated audience about why I don’t eat much meat, this was hard for them to digest, pun intended!  I choose not to eat a lot of meat as I just don’t feel that ethically it is the right thing to do… for me.  If I can eat less meat that means less animals will sacrifice their lives for my enjoyment.  I will say that I tried my best to be a vegetarian for almost a year and on a health perspective (which is what started it all) it was not the best option for my body.  I consume as little meat as possible and I consume mostly antibiotic free and hormone free meat from ethical farms.  I then started to think about the amount of wine, wheat, dairy and caffeine I had consumed this past week while on my mini vacation.  I realized that I have been so far off of the reasons why I have a successful “organic/green” business.  I AM the face of this business and I AM the clean living company owner that has fallen off the clean living wagon & then was struck by it!!

Life gets in the way of my meal preparation;  BBQ season is here and well we eat what’s quick and easy…. so I am here to say that I am getting back on the wagon, for me, for my company and to inspire others like I used to!  In the past I have shared with friends and family and posted recipes and pictures of food & work out routines.  My friends have been inspired and changed their lives as well so here it is… I am back on the wagon!  I am going to blog about it to keep engaged and inspired and to inspire others.  This Miss’es Clean blog isn’t just about cleaning, but about the face behind the business & I am here to help others in my life time with more than just their dirty homes.  I attract a clientele that is eco-friendly and health conscious and I am going to put myself out there and share more about my clean-(ish) lifestyle and my ups and downs and trials and errors!


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