Coo-Coo for Cocolelly

Cocolelly tote bags have arrived at Miss’es Clean! These functional tote bags are available in small and large sizes, square or round. We have lots of fun designs in stock, and we’re sure we have one to match your fun personality!

These bags have been tested for months before we brought them in. We used these bags to carry our equipment and supplies and event gave it a good beating. The final result: these totes can endure just about anything!

For the month of March:

Buy 1 Tote: Get 10% off | Buy 2 Totes: Get 15% off | Buy 3 Totes: Get 25% off


Don’t forget to personalize it!

Monogrammed patches are available so you can customize your tote! Patches are available in pink, green and dark blue. Letter patches only available at the moment.


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