Debt Diet Challenge!

This week I am working on something new 🙂 It’s summer now and trying to keep up with my daughter’s endless amount of energy is difficult, but keeping up with the costs of being a stay at home mom during the summer can be even harder! After furnishing a new office in January, basement renovations in February and March and exterior maintenance to the home this spring, it is time to cut back on spending!

The purpose of this challenge is to experience a fun summer in Niagara while on a limited budget as a stay at home mom (as many of my inspiring staff do!)

My Goals:

  • To teach my daughter about careful spending
  • To be aware of my own spending habits
  • To limit my spending to pay off my new deck (LOL)


30 days on a limited budget of $100 per week CASH for any discretionary expenses such as

  • Gas
  • Dining out
  • Social life (this does not include writing I owe you’s for beer!)
  • Clothing
  • Gifts

How I will do this:

  • Keep a spending journal
  • Set up teachable lessons on how to carry forward funds (saving) from week to week
  • Track spending via Facebook: Is this item a want or need? Allow the people to vote!
  • Once a week check in with Jennifer Wallace Insurance & Financial Solutions

I will be sharing my journey with everyone while highlighting the challenges and obstacles along the way.


Wish me luck!

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