When I created bare., I was inspired to produce a line of chemical-free cleaning products that was safe for the home. As I started to mix and experiment with essential oils in the cleaning products, I felt a sense of happiness. Of course, I was doing what I love to do, but I also realized that essential oils are an instant mood enhancer! Then it hit me – “Then it hit me – chemical-free candles made with essential oils, safe for the air you breathe!”


We all love a fresh-smelling home but it seems to come with the risk of exposing our family to chemically produced fragrances. Our bare. soy candles are handcrafted with only 2 ingredients: 100% soy and essential oils, to keep your home smelling fresh without emitting harmful chemicals into the air.


I’ve already written about the benefits of choosing candles from a natural, sustainable source, and one of the best sources is soy, as it does not emit petro-carbon soot, a substance that adds toxic carcinogens into the air you breathe. Soy is also vegetable based, naturally biodegradable, and free from animal testing.


Our citrus blend will instantly freshen your home and its natural antibacterial and antiviral properties will kill any toxins in the air. Essential oils have become popular with aromatherapy, and you’ll find this uplifting scent will get rid of any bad vibes. Our vanilla bean candle and lavender & eucalyptus candle are perfect for when you need to relax after a long day.


Whether you need to de-stress or keep warm during the cold season, I encourage you to give essential oil candles a try.


Rachel has created her own line of natural cleaning products in a market where they’re hard to find. Using natural ingredients such as coconut oil, distilled vinegar and therapeutic grade essential oils, Rachel hopes to remove all toxic chemicals in each and every home. For more information on the “bare.” product line, please contact Miss’es Clean.

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