We are excited to announce the arrival of BioBob Sponges at Miss’es Clean! If you didn’t catch our video with BioBob on our Facebook Page, we have highlighted the top 10 reasons why we love BioBob for you here:

Top 10 Reasons Why We Love BioBob:

  1. Anti-bacterial
  2. Safe on skin – can be used on the face and body
  3. Soft, absorbent and durable – lasts longer than any other sponge
  4. Micro-pore technology will not cause the sponge to harden or smell
  5. Can be cleaned in dishwasher, washing machine, boiled on stovetop or handwashed and dried
  6. Comes in a variety of fun colours
  7. Minimum 2 year use life
  8. CFC-Free and Formaldehyde-Free
  9. Hand made in Ontario
  10. One year warranty from BioBob

Shop BioBob Sponges at Miss’es Clean:

  • BioBob #7 Counter Buddy Sponge (various colours, rounded edges for easy holding, can be used on body)
  • BioBob #9 Walls and Floors Sponge (various colours, larger sponge for bigger surfaces)
  • Trial Size Sponge/Facial Sponge (various colours, comes with 2 small sponges, can be used as a facial sponge)
  • Tub Tuffy (dense scrubber)
  • EuroScrubby (multi-purpose scrubber)





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