L’il Helper

Would you like a little help around your house? Here are some tips you can use to make cleaning fun with kids:

Play the part – In our home Olivia is all set up with a mini sized broom, dust pan & duster!! She loves when we have a spill so she can be mommy’s little helper. All items purchased at Dollarama 🙂

Use visual aids – make a calendar, label boxes and bins with pictures of what goes inside.

Make it fun – play music, turn it into a game, use a timer and have your children pick as many toys as they can until the timer goes off. Click here for more game ideas.

Pick a chore jar – write down chores on colourful popsicle sticks. Have them pick it out of a jar and make it their chore of the day.

Break each task into small chores – they will feel more accomplished and eager to continue cleaning.

Clean as you go – ask them to make their bed in the morning, put away their toys before bringing more out.

Be specific – Instead of asking them to clean their room, try asking them to pick up all the toys off the floor.

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