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As the owner and founder of Miss’es Clean, Rachel has always had a passion for cleaning. When she made the switch to natural cleaning products, her goal was to create an environment that was stress-free and safe from toxins for her clients to come home to. As a believer in living clean, Rachel took the leap and created her own line of natural cleaning products. Bare. was created as safe and effective cleaning alternative, without the harmful effects of chemical cleaners. Using only natural ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils, Rachel hopes to remove all toxic chemicals in each and every home.


cleaning essentials.


Disinfectants & Cleaners

Benefect Botanical Disinfectants & Cleaners is nature’s way of cleaning and killing germs.

Pink Solution

Pink Solution

All Pink Solution products are super concentrated and are as effective, economical and environmentally friendly as possible.


essential oils.

Mila Earth


Body care products that are made with pure magnesium and infused with essential oils.

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