Oatmeal Recipe

So half of the time I come up with meals on the fly….. see what is in my pantry and wing it!  This week’s random oatmeal dish was A-MAZING!

So for starters I enjoy steel cut oats, they are tastier, dense and just seem to have a better texture to them for a breakfast cereal… in my own mind of course!  The issue with these steel cut oats is they take far too long to cook! I am a multitasker and if I don’t “watch” my food cook, it burns! My kitchen hack is that I cook my oatmeal in my rice cooker! (LOL right?!) I have a small, round rice cooker that I picked up from Canadian tire for $20 it cooks the oatmeal for me!


Add desired amount of Steel Cut Oats to rice cooker
  2. Add enough filtered water to cover oats… and then add a touch more…. I really should measure this just once!
  3. Add a diced organic apple (so much better for you, and sweeter too!)
  4. Add a handful of raisins
  5. 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
  6. ¼ cup Almond Milk
  7. Let this cook, it’s done when the light turns green
  8. Add maple syrup and enjoy!

I actually snuck mine into Starbucks this weekend as my oatmeal is so much yummier than theirs!

Happy Eating!

MC Rating: 5/5!

Oatmeal Pictures

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