Pay It Forward

I want to share a story of how Miss’es Clean paid it forward today….How will YOU pay it forward after reading this?

I have a customer who is moving into a retirement home & needing to donate her furniture. I have a relationship with a local women’s shelter so of course I called them to see if they had anyone in need. One of the amazing volunteers called today to inquire as she was getting ready to move her son, daughter & their children into her home. She has renovated the basement all by herself and is living in the basement to give her family the main level of the house!!! AMAZING right?

If that isn’t enough, this woman goes above & beyond by donating her time and skill to the women’s shelter to fix their broken items, re upholster chairs and furniture and really give back to her community!! She inspired me beyond words, so I sent her a gift certificate to have her house cleaned after the big renovation is completed. I want her to really enjoy being taken care of for all that she does for others! Thanks “Mrs. J” for your amazing story and touching my heart!



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