bare. Multi-Purpose Cleaner (16 oz.)


Our solution leaves windows sparkling and streak-free. This is also a must-have in the home if you have pets or kids. We all know they love to lick windows, so let’s make sure they aren’t licking chemicals.

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bare. Multi-Purpose Cleaner (16oz).

The best products should be safe on any surface, including your skin. Our gentle formula effectively removes dirt and bacteria, while leaving all surfaces smelling fresh.

How multi-purpose is it? Use our bare Multi-Purpose Cleaner cleaning essentials as a hardwood floor cleaner. All you need is a bucket of water and 1 tbsp. of this amazing cleaner!

Ingredients: water. castile soap. coconut oil. certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils: lemon. lime. wild orange. grapefruit. mandarin. bergamot. tangerine. clementine. vanilla absolute.



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