Recycling 101

Did you know that you are supposed to put all the plastics in your recycling bin into ONE bag? Wow! Did that surprise you as much as it surprised me? I like to think I practice a “green” lifestyle, but it seems I am not as seasoned as I credited myself. They say you should learn something new everyday. For those of you reading this: you’re welcome! I got you covered in the up to date rules and regulations of keeping green in this beautiful city of St.Catharines!

Acceptable items in your blue box include:

  • Aluminum cans and foil containers
  • Milk and juice cartons, frozen juice cans, drink boxes
  • Cardboard containers with metal bottoms – News to me!
  • CLEAN paint cans and aerosol cans – remove the lids
  • CLEAN glass jars and bottles – remove the lids
  • CLEAN plastic containers and packaging (#1 through #7) only! – Who knew plastic had numbers? Did I live under a rock?!

Acceptable items in the grey box (or second blue box) include:

  • Plastic bags – retail, milk and bread bags, dry cleaning bags, clean bubble wrap, and the plastic outer covering from items such as toilet tissue, paper towels and pop cases
  • – remove receipts, stuff all plastic bags into one bag and tie handles
  • Paper – newspapers, flyers, glossy magazines, catalogues, envelopes, paperbacks, phone books, hardcover books (remove cover and discard) – Shredded paper should be placed inside a firmly tied clear plastic bag
  • Corrugated cardboard – – Shipping, appliance, furniture & pizza boxes (remove excess food)
  • Box board- Cereal, cookie, cracker, detergent, pop, tissue, shoe and gift boxes (remove liners)

Now, let’s take a moment to reflect on funny things people may to try to recycle that are NOT recyclable:

  • No lawn chairs – Please don’t be sitting out by your trash pick up area in your lawn chair either!
  • Butter wrapping, plastic or foil wrap from food
  • No hangers – those can be returned to your drycleaners
  • No plastic children’s toys – no children either for that matter!
  • No swimming pools, solar blankets, or tarps – those are more enjoyable in the back yard!
  • No VHS tapes – even recycling doesn’t want them!

For a complete list of what you can and cannot recycle please visit:

Thank you our Miss’es Clean Guest Bloger Loretta.
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