Let’s talk about how to keep your home smelling fresh. There are a few changes we can make in our household to ensure that we are limiting the amount of chemicals coming in.

At all costs, stay away from chemically laced candles…Amy from Amy’s Place in Toronto tells me that when choosing a candle for your home, you want to choose candles from a natural, sustainable source. Since we have a major bee colony crisis, a great alternative is natural soy wax. Soy is a sustainable product as soybeans can be grown almost anywhere in the world! Soy does not emit petro-carbon soot that adds toxic carcinogens (know to cause cancer) into the air you breathe. Since soy is vegetable based, it’s naturally biodegradable; you can even use it as a moisturizing treatment for your skin! Natural soy products are also not subject to animal testing. Candles found at Amy’s Place are vegan and kosher certified. They also burn cleaner without the soot buildup.

There are other ways to keep your home smelling fresh. One of those options should certainly NOT be ANY kind of air freshener. Proven facts have shown how these chemical pots (phthalates, formaldehyde, petrochemicals and dichlorobenzene to name a few) are toxic to our health.

Go Natural! Other great alternatives:

  • Essential Oils – not only will you enjoy the benefits of the aromatherapy oils, essential oils are also a mood enhancer and can help when your mother-in-law stops by!
  • Fruit going bad? Try simmering some of your favourite spices with fruit and citrus peels on the stovetop, or try natural incense, a diffuser or smudge your home with sage or sweet grass.
  • Open a window! If all else fails, open a window. Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t crack a window for a smelly cause!

Take advantage of our February special with Mother’s Touch – Organic Aromatherapy Candles. These beautiful soy based candles are scented with essential oils and finished with unique cedar wicks. Relax and enjoy the ambience for up to 80 – 90 hours.

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