Whether you are hiring a cleaning service or tackling spring-cleaning yourself, we all know that there’s a lot of work that goes into it. Although a full clean should ideally happen at least four times a year (each season), it seems little ambitious when some of us can’t even get through the dishes on a day to day basis.

For those who are doing DIY spring-cleaning, we highly recommend having these supplies on hand. Spring-cleaning shouldn’t be a hassle, save yourself time and stress by investing in the following:

Benefect – a botanical disinfectant that kills over 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Does not require rinsing or wiping, simply spray and walk away. Use on EVERYTHING from bathtubs, sinks, light switches, mattresses, pillows, etc.

Mother’s Choice – when you really need to put some muscle into it but can’t be bothered, this abrasive cleaner is all you need. Use on hard water stains in the shower, as an oven cleaner, for grout and grime or to remove food stuck on your pans.

Norwex Dusting Mitt – Wear the mitt around the house and dust as you go. Can be used wet or dry for chemical-free dusting around the home. Use to dust blinds, ceiling fans, shelves, top of cabinets, etc.

EuroScrubby – For fast and easy clean ups. This multi-purpose scrubber works great in the bathroom, kitchen and outdoors. Use with warm soapy water or a safe, non-abrasive liquid gel or cream cleaner. Try it with Mother’s Choice for the fastest and easiest clean ups.

Tub Tuffy – an industrial grade sponge that deep cleans tubs, tiles and sinks. Gently on even the most delicate modern surfaces. Use with your favourite cleanser and watch your bathroom sparkle.

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