Stain Removal Tip: Vomit! Ewwww, I know!

Tip of the day; How to remove your five year olds vomit stain from your brand new sheets from Winners! (LOL) I actually placed this sheet through the washing machine to clean it and as you can see the stain did not come out….. at all!  I was so upset; it was literally our first night on the new sheets!

I soaked the sheet over night in the sink & then used my  Pink Solution laundry bar gently scrubbing the stain with a toothbrush & Volia, no more stain!!!   How do YOU remove tough stains around your house?  WE want to know!! Leave a comment or inbox me at

These laundry bars are available at for only $9.95!!!

P.S. my daughter is ok… one night of being a little sick &  a new blog post for mom!

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