December 26, 2017

What is “Greenwashing”?

Greenwashed? How to read through toxic messaging. We all want a safe home for our families, yet many of us seem unbothered that the very products we use to clean our homes are hazardous to our health. The warning labels alone on chemical cleaning products should be enough to scare us away but through advertising we are trained to believe that chemicals equate to cleanliness. In other words, the more chemicals in a product, the more effective the product is and the cleaner our homes will be. When I made the switch to natural cleaning products with Miss’es Clean, I...
January 26, 2015

Ten Step Challenge: 2015 Update

It's officially the New Year and many weeks since the completion of my Ten Step Program with PURE Natural Health & Wellness. I purposely delayed writing this blog until after the challenge ended, after I would knowingly indulge in larger than life portions of holiday food and after getting back to my healthy lifestyle that my body has become accustomed to. The interesting fact here is that I didn't really indulge TOO much over the holidays.  Sure I ate my mother’s famous chocolate covered peanut butter balls during the holiday season, but I didn't eat an entire tray of Turtles everyday like...
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