December 26, 2017

What is “Greenwashing”?

Greenwashed? How to read through toxic messaging. We all want a safe home for our families, yet many of us seem unbothered that the very products we use to clean our homes are hazardous to our health. The warning labels alone on chemical cleaning products should be enough to scare us away but through advertising we are trained to believe that chemicals equate to cleanliness. In other words, the more chemicals in a product, the more effective the product is and the cleaner our homes will be. When I made the switch to natural cleaning products with Miss’es Clean, I...
December 27, 2016

Boxing WEEK deals and steals!

Discounts on cleaning packages and up to 25% off Pink Solution and Benefect! It's Boxing Week at Miss'es Clean and we have some great deals and steals to offer you! Check out deals here. These deals only happen once a year, so don't miss out! Offer ends December 31st. While supplies last.
December 6, 2016

Rachel’s Picks: Gift Sets

Make it merry for everyone on your gift giving list. Shop our gift sets hand picked by Rachel.   While supplies last. Subject to HST.
November 3, 2016

Travel 101: Rachel’s Top 5 Travel Essentials

I was inspired to write this post when I started thinking about what I needed to pack for my trip to Boston. I love travelling but I still get that pre-travel anxiety about what I need to bring, or what I might be forgetting. But whether I'm packing for a weekend, or a week long trip, I will always have these key items with me. Here are my top 5 travel essentials that I will never go without: Norwex Wrinkle Release Spray One word - AMAZING! The Norwex Wrinkle Release Spray is a must for travel. All you need to do is...
August 18, 2016

August Special: Pink Solution Sale!

Take advantage of this great deal! For one time only, get a 5L bucket of Pink Solution for $40.00+HST (regular price $55.00+HST)! Pink Solution replaces all household cleaners, even laundry detergent, so when used as directed, it can last an average family up to 2 years. Use Mother's Choice as an abrasive cleaner for hard surfaces and hard water stains. The Laundry Bar is six times stronger than Pink Solution, and with Borax added to help take out the toughest stains. This all-natural product has also been used on the face and body to help treat skin problems All products are...
August 9, 2016

End of Summer Sale!

We have some great deals going on right now! Get 15% - 30% off your favourite cleaning products - our lowest price of the year! Click here to view our End of Summer Deals!
August 8, 2016

Buy More, Save More on Laundry Bar!

Rachel's Laundry Bar Tips: I love the Laundry Bar. It is so much more than a stain remover. I make sure to keep one in the laundry room, the bathroom, the kitchen and in the car so I don't ever have to worry about stains wherever I am. I have tried the Laundry Bar on the following areas: Carpets, rugs and upholstery Curtains Car seats and baby seats Pillows and mattresses (I once fell asleep with wet, colour treated hair - the Laundry Bar took out the stains on my pillow the next morning) Stains on clothes (to spot clean...
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