The Fight for Priorities

So in my world it’s a constant battle between priorities… constant!
I know what’s good for me and what I should be doing vs. what needs be done, say like my dishes! LOL I am also a big believer in setting yourself up powerfully to get what you need out of life.  So let me break it down for you… before I had my little Miss I worked out 6 days a week and it showed.  After little Miss not so much!  I am a business woman and a single mom with a lot on my plate.  I love my membership at White Oaks here, I honestly could spend all day there, but my schedule doesn’t even allow for a post work out shower some days……….. Ewwww I know!  I have convinced myself that the sweat is good for my hair! So after the longest, hardest winter we have had in years, my hibernation mode has left me with a few extra pounds to work off.  Not being able to commit more time to the gym leaves me with fewer options than most.  It’s a good thing that other than this blog and my dishes I don’t have much going on at night after the little Miss goes to bed.

Setting myself up powerfully

Step One:  Get renovation completed just enough that I have a small space to work out in the basement

Step Two: Go to Target and try to not blow the budget on everything else you want as you walk to the back of the store for a Bosu and yoga videos

Step Three: Try not to die when using bosu for the first time since 2010!

Step Four: Shut brain off long enough to do the thirty minute yoga session….. this has got to be the hardest step!!

Today was day one of my five day yoga video.  I used to do A LOT of yoga.  Every night, hot yoga, hatha yoga, any kind of yoga I could get.  I remember how yoga changed me as a person.  Somehow I let this practice go.  I believe I had gone through some personal issues in my life and it was just too hard to be with myself during the practice so I stopped going when I really needed it the most.  Yoga is the one thing that you can practice anywhere you go.  Today in my basement with saws and drywall and ceiling tiles behind me in downward dog, I connected with my inner yogi, something I haven’t done in some time.  Just being with me today was a gift.  I’m not so bad after all.

I plan to continue with this five day video and to just be… with me

My lesson in all of this is the reason why you may not want to do something, is more than likely the reason why you should do it.



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