I was inspired to write this post when I started thinking about what I needed to pack for my trip to Boston. I love travelling but I still get that pre-travel anxiety about what I need to bring, or what I might be forgetting. But whether I’m packing for a weekend, or a week long trip, I will always have these key items with me. Here are my top 5 travel essentials that I will never go without:

Norwex Wrinkle Release Spray

One word – AMAZING! The Norwex Wrinkle Release Spray is a must for travel. All you need to do is spray, tug the fabric and watch the wrinkles disappear!

Laundry Bar


I cut half a laundry bar and pack it with me when I travel. I put my clothes in the sink with the laundry bar and fill the sink with water. After I wash my clothes, I let it hang to dry. This bar removes any and all stains.

Norwex Body Cloth

These soft and gentle cloths are designed to pamper both the face and body. I use it to take off my makeup and clean my skin. My skin has never felt better and has never been more clear after using these cloths. They’re perfect for normal, dry or sensitive skin types.

Poo-Pourri Travel Size Toilet Spray

Because you never know where you’ll be…

Benefect Botanical Disinfectant

This is my biggest secret that only my friends know about me. I use this to disinfect surfaces and even use it on my body as a hand sanitizer and DEODORANT! Yes, in sweaty climates I spray the Benefect and it eliminates any body odour present.

All products are available at Miss’es Clean.





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