We are Cleaning for a Reason

It has been almost  2 years now since Miss’es Clean partnered up with Cleaning For A Reason, a nonprofit international foundation that offers professional cleaning services to women battling cancer. This decision started after learning one of our clients was fighting cancer for the third time, and we wanted to do something to honour her. As a partner with Cleaning for a Reason, we are able to help women keep their homes clean so they can have more time to spend with their family. Our commitment to use only 100% organic cleaning products will also create a healthier environment as it is safe for the clients and their families.

We will continue to provide cleanings for two women per month for four months free of charge. If you, or any one you know is battling cancer, please contact Miss’es Clean.


To learn more about Cleaning For A Reason, you can visit their website at:  www.cleaningforareason.org



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