What is “Natural”?

Most of us think we are doing the right thing for our families when choosing that “natural”, “eco friendly” or “green” cleaning product amongst all those horrific chemical cleaners we have been told are NOT good for our homes… right?

The truth is, we really aren’t!   “Natural” doesn’t mean non-toxic, in fact some plant-based ingredients can cause all kinds of different reactions and most of the other products on the market have NOT been tested thoroughly enough to make me trust them in my home.

What irritates me the most while grocery shopping and filling my cart full of organic foods are the huge isles of chemical cleaners in our stores.

Did you know that ingredient labels are mandatory for food, cosmetics and drugs, NOT for the cleaning products that we use to wipe our dining tables or clean our windows, one of the two surfaces I am guaranteed my child will surely lick!

Furthermore manufacturers of these products (due to the secret chemical recipe they wouldn’t want us to know about) are NOT required to disclose all ingredients in their cleaners and most don’t including some of your favorite “green cleaners” out there!  We as a consumer are supposed to trust that these products are safe based on testing data that is not even available to us!

Thankfully The Environmental Working Group has researched and given safety ratings to more than 2000 products on their website.

For more information on what’s under your sink, visit EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning at www.ewg.org


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