As if I didn’t have enough to do with my busy work day today, we had to have an all out cleaning lady emergency at the office!!!  We only have a few kinds of emergencies at the office and today we had failure of equipment!  Let me break it down for you, when the cleaners vacuum doesn’t work, the clients floors can’t be cleaned.  When the clients floors can’t be cleaned, the client isn’t a happy customer!  So here I go 20 minutes before I have to pick up my daughter to buy a vacuum, a usually pretty simple task.  The managers at my local Canadian Tire know me by name and credit card number and ALWAYS honor the last sale price… I was golden!    So as it turns out not only was my local store out of stock, the whole region was out of stock of the vacuum’s we use….

As I am waiting around for this terrible news, I see Dyson has a sale on most of its models…….. This almost NEVER happens!! A whole $100 off!  I  had a dyson for about 8 years now and have always loved it.  I have the original upright model, the one that weighs quite a bit and kills my back to vacuum my shag rug or carry up and down the stairs, so I really just can’t be bothered to vacuum at all!  My Dyson also needs to be taken to the Dyson Doctor in town and get a little repair; it’s not looking good for this old thing.  So I’m here, in the vacuum isle, still waiting to hear about the vacuum for the biz and falling in love with the new portable cordless Dyson Stick vacuums.  You know the ones that you don’t have to plug in except to charge!  These stick vacuums remind me of the old school portable dust busters but better!  I decide “mama get’s everyone else vacuums, it’s time for mama to have a new one too!”

I brought this vacuum home, put it together (for anyone that knows me this should both shock and impress you at the same bloody time!)  and started test driving this thing.  I was absolutley amazed by the suction power on this new lil baby.  With one swipe it cleaned up everything from pet and people hair, kitchen crumbs and drywall dust.  It also seemed to do a good job (proven by the amount of crap in the dust bin) on the basement carpet.  Part of my decision in buying this little portable number is because the basement is under renovation, the carpet is going and hard wood flooring should be in, well two months ago!  I was a tad disappointed when I attempted to vacuum my shag rug as the beater bar does not continue to turn.  The truth is, with this rug, any vacuum has trouble due to the pure thickness of the shag itself.

I was debating returning this vacuum as in my opinion for $450 I want a vacuum that will clean all my flooring surfaces.  I am not so keen on having two vacuums in the home, one for the floors and one for the one rug I have!  The next day however, we had a rather large spill with a household plant and a house cat…  I get all stressed and realize……..drum roll please……… I have the new Dyson DC45 Animal!  I do a 360 in my kitchen, grab the equipment and clean up that mess!! 10 seconds and done… the Dyson earned its place in my household for good!

Pros: All in all, I really love this vacuum, its light weight, easy to cart up and down the stairs.  Surface to surface cleaning is a breeze; the attachments do a great job of grasping lint or pet hair.  We have had several unexpected messes and it’s quick and easy to get them cleaned up.  It’s handy to take out to your vehicle for a quick clean up without the pain in the ass of finding a place to plug your vacuum in outside.  I find myself making messes just to use it!

Cons:  Well the shag rug, in reality this rug needs to be vacuumed with the crevice tool, centimeter by centimeter, it’s the only way to give it a good clean.  I have been able to use the Dyson on it; the beater bar just doesn’t turn so it’s no different from using a floor tool.  It’s a good thing I have my MC cleaner in from time to time for this rug alone!  The other only real issue I have with this vacuum is that you are forced to hold down the power button for the entire time you use it.  There is no continuous use mode.  Dyson should fix this!

Miss’es Clean Rating: 4/5

Happy Vacuuming!

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