Niagara's Best Cleaning Service

From day one, Miss’es Clean has taken pride in providing excellent cleaning services while always putting our client’s needs first. We understand that your home is a personal space and we take special care to ensure we earn your trust and respect.

Based in Niagara, we offer residential and commercial cleaning services to all twelve of Niagara’s municipalities and surrounding areas.

Miss’es Clean was founded in 2000 by owner, Rachel Epp. What started off as a one-woman show has since grown to over a dozen skilled cleaners, all of whom go through Miss'es Clean's training program to ensure consistent quality among our cleaners. It is this in depth training that truly sets Miss’es Clean apart. By empowering our team to tackle the most challenging cleaning situations, we give them the confidence to do their job effectively every time, while leaving our customers with a beaming smile of satisfaction.

In 2007, Miss'es Clean took a significant step forward by adopting chemical-free cleaning products, prioritizing safety, efficacy, and environmental responsibility. In 2017, we elevated our commitment by introducing our own line of chemical-free cleaning products, "bare. cleaning essentials."

As our company continued to grow, so did our scope of services. What began with serving homeowners expanded to encompass landlords, business managers, renters, Airbnb properties, industrial office spaces, home offices, retail stores, and more. Our versatility in handling various cleaning demands has made us well-equipped to meet any cleaning challenge. That's why we confidently offer fully personalized housekeeping services - whatever your cleaning needs may be, we are your solution to a spotless space!

Miss'es Clean Cleaning Services

Looking for something specific? Just ask, we probably clean that too!